What is Google Lens and Technology? How does it work?

What is Google Lens and Technology? How does it work?

Google lens is an Artificial Intelligence powered technology that relies upon your smartphone camera to capture images and gives you customized results based on your search. It not only detects the image but also understands the detected image and display results based on the what it sees. The main motive of this product which was put forward by Google CEO Sundar Pichai is to impact and control the AI technology by making use of our smartphone camera.



Uses of Google Lens in Everyday Life

1. Scan and translate text– 

You can scan and translate real time text using your smartphone camera and that to your events in the calendar too. So, it is very easy to translate any other language which you do not have to write or without finding any language translator.

2. Find a look you like – 

If you see any outfit which just amazed you, a handbag or heels or any furniture you just saw and want the same for your home, you will find search results similar to that,
you just have to click real time picture and search.

3. See what is popular on menus – 

Want to order some new dish in a restaurant? Just click and see google reviews and you just got the answers on what you have searched for. Google lens can recognise restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars too.

4. Explore nearby places – 

Roaming in a new city? Just explore random places and know its history or any other information related to it. Just click and see the results you are wanting.

5. Identify plants and animals – 

Kill your curiosity by identify anything you do not know for example plants and animals. Like you see a dog on the street and want to know its breed. And Yeah! Google lens is there for you.

How does it work?

Google lens was one of the major outbreaks by Google in 2017, which was a Google Pixel – exclusive feature. But it is finally arrived in other smartphones too. As the Google lens app is now available to download on Google Play store. You can access all the features of Google lens in -

1. Google Lens app

You can get all the awesome features in the Google’s autonomous app on Android for Google Lens.

2. Google Assistant

In google assistant, you can see the Google lens icon in the bottom left hand corner. You can tap there and you just opened the Google lens app.

3. Google Photos

In Google photos, you can see the Google lens icon in the bottom of the window. From here, Google Lens has access to identify buildings, pictures or landmarks etc. Tapping the icon there, you can see the scanning dots in the picture which you can scanned Google will give you suggestions regarding that.

4. Camera app

In some phones like, exclusively by Google, the Google Lens app is directly added to device’s camera app. For example, In Google pixel 2, you have this advantage of having the app pre installed.
This is the world which favours the technology and encourages the advancements of various dimensions of technology. In this fast growing world, we need to rely on the latest versions of technology because it is the demand of the next generation. This Google lens technology extracts various useful information by analysing visuals. And this information is furthermore can be utilised in different sectors. This adoption of the Google lens application gives the users a very broad range of benefits which includes smart text selection, smart text search, as well as clothing and decor search.
Today just imagine you are in a different country and want to try their local cuisines then this application in your phone can be very helpful to you. You can see the customer reviews, best restaurants, places to visit and many more by just using this application. You can know things better with the Google lens by just pointing your phone at something. Imagine you are on a solo trip deep into the great Amazon forest, we bet on this that at that time your Google lens will become your partner. You can know and understand about things with the help of this application. You found a different species of flower, just point your phone to that flower and ask from your Google assistance about that - boom you know about the new kind. Isn't it feels better when you know that you have a technology with you with unfolds the various information which you don't know earlier, but with the help of Google lens you will know about anything. But every technology has its flaws in it. Like the information provided by the Google lens is also depends upon your phone's camera quality. It relies on a camera's ability to see things what's around it. There were various inventions in past which made the foundation of today's technology and those inventions really changed the world. This Google lens technology is also has the capability to change the world. There are millions of photos clicked by people everyday and this technology is quickly becoming the standard method for handling photos from all around the world. We hope you will understand how fantastic and important is this application in the upcoming future.

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