What makes Chatbots a Great Tool for E-commerce Business?

What makes Chatbots a Great Tool for E-commerce Business?

Chatbots is not a new thing for us and we know that many digital platforms are already using this technology like Facebook and Skype. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved over the time and we are realising that how AI is helping us in advancing many technologies. Well, because of the artificial intelligence working behind the chatbots, it is really hard to find out that you are not chatting to the real person. Apple's Siri, Google's voice assistant, and Amazon's Alexa are the perfect examples of versatility of Chatbots. Nowadays Chatbots are being used widely in B2C customer service, sales and marketing. A chatbot is a type of software that performs a conversation through auditory or textual methods. The concept of Chatbots is that they are specially designed to imitate how a human would behave as a conversation partner. They are used in dialog systems for various practical motives including customer service or sales acquisition. Earlier many of us considered the helpfulness of Chatbots as a personal assistance, but is real applicability in the E-commerce sector is also coming out in open. Most e-commerce businesses started using artificial intelligence and specially chatbots to simplify the shopping experience of customers. Today we are going to discuss that what makes chatbots a great tool for e-commerce business. So, let's dive into the topic and better understand these things -

1) Guided Navigation

Don't bother to type and search for the product you want to buy, just ask the chatbot to find it for you. Chatbots constantly learns from artificial intelligence, they can store your previous preferences, your style of shoping and after analysing that they they offer you the best and a quicker checkout. And we all know that everyone is in hurry so, everyone likes quicker and better. Chatbot gives suggestions according to our type of preference, this helps customer to select things more fast and without hesitation.

2) In Customer Support

It is very important for a e-commerce business to reach their customers directly and individually. Their are millions of customers and imagine few people are there to handle their queries. In these situations chatbot come in very useful for those customers. Chatbot answers each customer according to their queries at one time, hence customers enjoy a one to one interaction.

3) Artificial Neural Networks

In order to get satisfactory responses and to match the pattern to classify the text for the customers chatbot uses "Artificial Intelligence Markup Language" also known as AIML. Artificial Neural Networks calculate the output from the input through using weighed connections which are further calculated from repeated duplication during training the data. Algorithms creates a grading structure with the help of combination on patterns. Algorithms are used to reduce the classifiers and produces the more manageable structure.

4) Track your order/ Enquiry

The basic way to check the order status is first of all go to my orders, click on order status then enter the number and then ultimately click on check order status. Yes, we know it is long and boring process but don't worry we have Chatbots here with us to do all the working for you. All you need is just to tell the chatbot to check my order status for any given order number, and we suppose that's easy, right? The idea of chatbot technology is to make things simple, easy, accurate and fast for people.

5) Rectification and FAQs

For a e-commerce business it is very important to have return policy, and everything that roams around the redressal and rectification of any form. Better return policies ensures better customer satisfaction and it also saves time.
As this return policy, FAQs are also an important factor for an e-commerce business. Chatbot ease the FAQs process by asking multiple choice questions to the customers. From varify your query to give you couple of options to choose you from. It will provide you more options as your query proceeds. This technology is very important especially for e-commerce business. Chatbots can provide exact answers to a customer query without wasting time. People aren't using those conventional ways for shopping, but they are using apps which have smart bots to help them in it. There is a student which reveals all the facts and are important for the ecommerce industry -
• 47% of people used chatbot to purchase items online through different e-commerce websites.
• 71% of people are happy and satisfied by customer service via messaging bots.
• people spend 55 dollars on an average on chatbot purchases. These facts shows that people are trusting Chatbots and hence it is more important and a necessity
to adopt this technology in e-commerce business. There is a enormous demand of bots and it is expected to grow more in the future. E-commerce business is becoming more competitive and everyone wants to stay ahead of their opponents.
• it is expected that the chatbot market will reach 1.23 billion dollars globally by 2025. In the recent survey done by Oracle, it is revealed that more than 80% of business said that they are going to use Chatbots by 2020.
Technology is evolving by every passing minute, and while you are reading this another visionary would have already integrated chatbot in his/her e-commerce business. So we hope you will know the importance of Chatbots now and in the future and how they are useful for e-commerce business.

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